There are many people who are interested in writing. But if you can write professional content then you can become a blogger. Blogging has now become his profession, You can earn money through blogging, it can be passive or the main source of income for you. There are many bloggers in India but here you will know the top bloggers. 

Amit Agarwal (Labnol)

Amit agarwal is the first indian professional blogger in 2004. He is a technology passionate blogger. 

Labnol blog was all about advanced technology and softwares. Amit writes about how to guide software and technology. His blog became one of the top 100 technology blogs in the world. 

Labnol receives more than 3 million views monthly and is mentioned in the popular news publications like wall street, Forbes, CBNC etc.

Amit earns from Google Adsense, direct ads and selling software services through his blog. 

Harsh Agarwal (ShoutMeLoud)

Harsh Agrawal also quit his job to start his career in blogging. ShoutMeLoud was founded in 2008. It has 1.5 million page views every day. Hence it is an excellent traffic for the blog to earn money. 

In 2019, Harsh Agarwal earns over 3000 dollars from his blog. The major income is from affiliate marketing and sponsor articles, advertisements. He also earns through various events and put up information on blogs about E-books and digital courses. 

Shraddha Sharma( YourStory)

Shradha Sharma is one of the top women bloggers in India. Before founding YourStory in the year 2008 she worked as an assistant vice president at CNBC TV18. 

Now YourStory is one of the biggest digital platforms for startups and founders stories. These bring inspiration to the youngsters to grow in their life from real stories. 

YourStory receives over 1 million views every month that generates revenue over 20000 dollars through ads, articles etc. 

Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju is from bangalore. He is a marketer and advertising consultant. He started his blog after coming across google adsense and blogging within a magazine.

He mostly writes about digital marketing at DigitalDeepak site and also Razorpay.  He has worked in B2B startups such as Exotel, Practo and Instamojo. Now these are very popular companies in India. Deepak earns nearly 2 lakhs per month from his websites.

Pritam  Nagrale (MoneyConnexion)

Pritam Nagrale started his blog in 2009 but he has been earning online income since 2004. He was doing affiliate marketing for eBay and other companies. He was born in Rajasthan. I came to mumbai after completing his higher education. He was eagerly searching for online income opportunities. So after 3 years of hard work he converted blogging into a full time online job. 

In the beginning of blogging he was not successful but he didn’t give up later he focused on blog that lead him to success. Now his blog receives 1 million page views.


These are the top bloggers in India. Mention in the comment if you want to add or replace the top 5 positions in the blogger list.