If you have a real estate company then a Facebook lead generation campaign will be the best option to get more sales for your company. Here I’m going to explain the tips and tricks for the real estate industry. 

What are Facebook lead ads?

Facebook lead advertisements are basically advanced structures. These structures permit advertisers to catch information from clients while offering freedoms to interface, like newsletter memberships, demos, or contests.

At the point when somebody taps on a lead promotion, they give a structure that is pre-populated with data from their Facebook profile. The rest can be finished in a couple of simple taps.

A significant quality about lead advertisements is that they are enhanced for versatility. That is key for Facebook’s 88% portion of users particularly since it commonly takes 40% longer to finish structures on work areas. 

Another benefit Facebook lead ads offer is that created leads can be synchronized straightforwardly with your organization’s client relationship, the board framework or downloaded as a .CSV document. This permits advertisers to follow-up more productively, which is indispensable for finalizing the negotiation.

Here is the procedure to run the Facebook leads generation campaign: https://blog.hootsuite.com/how-to-use-facebook-lead-ads/

Tips for creating Facebook lead ads that convert

Offer an incentive

Individuals are more able to impart their own data to you on the exchange that you give something as a trade off. Regardless of whether it’s a promotion code or a free download, a decent motivating force shows clients you esteem their data. 

Popular incentive examples include:

  • Get deals and offers
  • Enter sweepstakes and contests
  • Receive product samples
  • Attend an event
  • Pre-order products
  • Download studies and whitepapers

Be clear about your offer

Offer your incentive forthright so that individuals comprehend what they are pursuing. While discretionary, Facebook suggests you remember this data for your limited time duplicate and in the presentation toward the start of your structure. Likewise, add marking all through the experience so there isn’t any vagueness regarding who individuals are imparting their information to. 

It’s also important to choose imagery that supports your messaging. For instance, point-of-sales systems provider Revel Systems tested different creatives for its lead ad campaign, and found images with the product as a focal point were much more effective.

It’s additionally critical to pick symbolism that upholds your information. For example, sales provider Revel Systems tried diverse imagery  for its lead ad campaign, and found images with the product as a focal point were much more effective.

It’s furthermore vital to pick imagery that maintains your education. For instance, sales provider Revel Systems attempted an unmistakable invention for its lead ads mission, and found pictures with the thing as a state of assembly were considerably more remarkable.

Facebook Lead Ads Elements For A Real Estate Advertisement

  • A Thumbnail Image – An image for the form thumbnail icon.
  • A Header Image – An optional image for the form header. Idea: You could use images of a particular house or area if you are looking for buyer leads.
  • A Description Section – Lead Ads also allow you to add a description to the actual form in order to explain what the offer is all about.

In the below article you will be clearly understood about the lead generation campaign. But just by creating the lead generation campaign you cannot get the desired results.

Now I will disclose my personal results in the Facebook lead generation campaign. 

Client: AR Real Estate

Requirement: Sell Plots within specified time

Problem: Client has given only one month time to sell the plots. Because the land has high demand, he is expecting a high response.

Strategy: I have targeted the people who are looking for the properties and agents.

Above is the procedure to run ads on Facebook. We cannot expect direct conversion in the beginning of the ads. So first I have created branding campaigns. Here we can reach more people at less cost. The people come to know about the properties. The interested will directly call the business owner for booking and the remaining will be looking for more information. 

Next campaign is an engagement campaign here I will be providing complete information about the property like emities, price, and location. 

Final campaign will be a lead generation campaign. Here I will provide an attractive offer so that I can grab all users’ attention. 

Results: Conversion rate is 60% which is a higher volume and client is very satisfied he got results more than he expected. 


Facebook Lead Ads are emerging to be a great success for lead generation in the real estate industry. Experiment with different ad variations to find out which version converts the best. Try different variants which drive more leads and sales for your business. If you are unable to handle online marketing contact us we will help you to grow your business with facebook ads.