Every businessman is thinking how to advertise their business on whatsapp. Because whatsapp is becoming the main point of customer contact. So here you will understand all about whatsapp marketing.

But before that I want to clear that Whatsapp doesn’t run ads in the app. Here you will learn how to create a facebook ad that integrates with whatsapp business.

6 Steps to use Facebook ads for WhatsApp business

1: Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account

First step is you need to create a WhatsApp business account. It is very easy and simple. Download the WhatsApp business app from the playstore.

Next you need to add your phone number and add the verification code which you have received to your mobile through sms. 

Later add your legal business name, make sure you add an accurate name because you cannot edit after completion of this process. 

2 Fill Out a Profile for Your Business

After completing the above process you need to add your business profile in the whatsapp. Which will help customers to identify you. 

Make sure you add all the required details like business location, email address,URl, etc.

3 Set Up Automated Responses for Commonly Asked Questions

This is the important part of your whatsapp account. You can add automated responses for frequently asked questions. 

Everytime the customer messages, you may not be available. These automated responses will make the customer wait or solve his queries and concerns. This feature helps the seller to be connected with the customers. 

 4 Create Labels to Organize Conversations

This is another cool feature of whatsapp. Here you can add labels to the customer like new customer, new order, business query, Etc. This helps your customer support team, sales team to organise properly.

5. Integrate Facebook page with WhatsApp business account. 

After completion of the WhatsApp business account setup. Your next step is to integrate your Facebook page with WhatsApp. It is very simple and easy. 

  1. Go to Facebook page settings and look for WhatsApp tab. Visit your Facebook page, log in as an admin and go to ‘Settings’
  2. Enter your WhatsApp number and click ‘Send Code’
  3. Verify code.
  4. Add Button to your Page.

6 Create a Facebook Boost Post to Promote Your WhatsApp Channel

After posting about your business on Facebook. You can boost the post to reach more audience and bring customers to your WhatsApp channel. 

Most of the users will be having whatsapp and feel comfortable to talk on whatsapp. Every seller thinks about their customer comfort for satisfaction. This helps to improve their business brand and loyalty towards the business. 


The above steps will help you to promote your WhatsApp business through FB ads. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to comment below. I will reply within 24 hours of time.