There are hundreds of various targeting alternatives on facebook, the specific placement options to choose from and the distinct fb ads, it could be pretty overwhelming for advertisers to put together a fb campaign.

So the important thing is understanding the exclusive types of facebook ads so that you understand which facebook advertising formats to use in your business.

There are presently 5 important fb advertising codecs: carousel, single image, single video, slideshow and collection.

Carousel Ad

 The carousel ad format helps you to show up to 10 photos or videos with a single fb ad, and every photo or video may have its very own hyperlink and headline.

That is particularly handy in case you want to either show more products or if you want brand awareness or in case you want to show your product from specific angles or if you need to provide an explanation for a procedure or maybe to expose someone’s transformation, consisting of before and after photos.

To set up a Carousel ads, first pick your fb campaign goal, after which choose “carousel”. Then, certainly upload all of the photos or videos you want to display and write a headline and a description for each photo or video, and insert the URL

Where you want users to visit, for each photograph or video. It may be the same link for all photographs and videos. 

In these ads, Fb can automatically choose the best performing photo for the user. To do this you have to select the feature.

Single Image Ad

The second type of facebook ad is the single image ad. When using it, you’ll ought to make sure your picture is the right size for it to be displayed on both facebook and Instagram. Ideally your photograph should be 1200 x 1200pixels.

You need to make certain there’s now not having too much text on your images. If the

Text in your image takes up more than 20% of your photo, your fb ad will now not be added to as many users as it usually might or no longer be introduced in any respect. Preferably, pictures have to be vivid in order that they attract the users.

Avoid having images which include too many details as it could be difficult for user to read and understand them. Photos that carry out properly are generally funny ones, or of people smiling, or pics with children or pets. Different photographs that carry out nicely are those that include a benefit, together with a discount or a free provide. So that you can create a single photo ad, simply pick “photo” after you’ve decided on your facebook campaign goal, after which follow the prompts.

Facebook will ask you to write down the text in your ad, so as to be shown above the image, and a headline with a purpose to appear underneath the photo. Then, write an outline of what you’re advertising for you to be displayed beneath the headline and choose your name to action from the drop down menu provided.

Single Video Ad

 The single video kind of facebook ad permits you to promote it as a video in case you need your video ad to also be proven on Instagram, it may not exceed 60 seconds. Video commercials are extra powerful than preferred facebook advertisements due to the fact they will let you percentage extra data and according to comScore, 70% of customers are much more likely to purchase products after looking at a video.

However, since the general public abandon videos after a few seconds, it’s certainly crucial your video commercials on fb are fascinating. Since video commercials play in users’ news feed without sound, and people should manually place the sound up you have to make certain people can still recognize the video visually.

This is why most advertisers consist of captions in their motion pictures. Your facebook video ad should be interesting and contact your target audience right from the beginning to make certain they maintain on looking and need to end with a strong CTA.

Slide Show Ad

The slideshow kind of facebook adt is a looping video with up to 10 photos. Whilst you select that kind of facebook ad format, you actually upload three to ten photos and fb will turn them right into a slideshow in some seconds.

The blessings of slideshow facebook ads are that they’re a faster and less difficult alternative to video advertisements. Slideshow commercials are particularly used to show multiple products or a product from unique angles or to display tutorials. They also can be used to display before and after alterations.

You could even upload sound to your slideshow ad as well as text. Another advantage of slideshow facebook ads is they load fast compared to a few video advertisements, and consequently play on any connection velocity. Slideshow commercials will play automatically much like video commercials and will loop. As soon as facebook has turned your images into a slideshow, really finish putting your ad collectively by including a destination url, an outline, a headline and a CTA

Collection Ad

The last type of facebook ad is collection. With this kind of fb ad, your target audience can swipe through a carousel of images and tilt the pictures in specific guidelines, scroll up and down and even zoom in and zoom out, making it plenty more interactive.

Collection facebook ads also have a multiple call to actions in the ad itself. But, they are able to most effectively be displayed on mobiles. With a view to create a set ad, click on “series” and then click on “create new” and choose one in all their existing templates.

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